Rashid Naseem Breaks 20 World Records in Just 48 Hours

Rashid Naseem Breaks 20 World Records in Just 48 Hours.

Rashid Naseem, “Pakistani Martial Artist” has achieved an extraordinary feat by breaking 20 world records within a timeframe of just 48 hours, further solidifying his place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

On the first day, Naseem set 9 records, followed by an additional 11 on the second day, pushing the limits of human capability. His accomplishments span a range of disciplines, particularly excelling in martial arts.

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He secured two records from India and set two new global benchmarks in punching techniques. Additionally, his exceptional skills were demonstrated in baton handling and knee strikes.

These latest achievements bring Naseem’s total world record count to an impressive 121, highlighting his extraordinary abilities and unmatched dedication.

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