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Apple users might soon access AI features on their devices, as Apple is reportedly finalizing an arrangement with OpenAI to integrate the ChatGPT feature into iOS 18, its forthcoming operating system. Following reports from April indicating that Apple had restarted discussions with OpenAI about a potential deal to introduce AI capabilities to its next iPhone devices, Bloomberg has confirmed that Apple held private discussions with OpenAI about featuring ChatGPT in iOS 18. Additionally, it was confirmed that Apple has been in talks with Google about licensing the company’s Gemini chatbot, though no agreements have been finalized, and discussions are ongoing.

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With the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC24) approaching, speculation is rife about Apple’s AI plans. Rumors suggest that Apple is eager to secure chatbot technology, intending to include it as a significant addition to its AI features, potentially to be announced during WWDC24 next month. Introducing the ChatGPT feature to iPhones would also benefit OpenAI by expanding its mobile user base, which already surpasses 180 million according to, thus strengthening its lead in the AI market, especially as its main competitor, Anthropic, recently launched its Claude chatbot app on iPhones.

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Furthermore, recent reports reveal that Apple has partnered with the Chinese AI company Baidu, the creator of the Ernie Bot chatbot, to provide AI services exclusively for its latest devices in China. This partnership is necessary due to the unavailability of US-made chatbots like ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini in the country, prompting Apple to adopt a different strategy.

Currently, the 1.46 billion iPhone users worldwide, according to data from Skillademia, are left to anticipate the unveiling of the chatbot feature, hopefully during the annual Worldwide Developers Conference as Apple has promised.

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